Posted by: atowhee | June 10, 2018


This coming week I am giving three presentations on the evolution of San Francisco’s natural world as it has been changed by people.  My latest book, which I will be selling at each talk, is San Francisco’s Natural History: Sand Dunes to Streetcars.

My presentation deals with the man-made environment as it came to replace the lightly-managed environment during the centuries of Native American presence.  There will be plenty on the changes in the plants, birds and other animals in San Francisco.  Grizzlies are long gone, but the Barn Swallow expanded into the urban habitat.  Also, there will be a look at the threats to plants and wildlife from climate change. 69644847_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7303473

Here is my schedule:

Wednesday, June 13.   Sunset District Public Library, 1305 18th Avenue (at Irving), 7 PM.
Thursday, June 14.  Sequoia Audubon Society, Garden Center, 605 Parkside Way, San Mateo,
630PM.  Free.
Friday, June 15.  Richmond District Public Library, 351 Ninth Avenue, 3 PM.  Free.

Bring your friends.

Here are a series of blog posts pertinent to this book and San Francisco’s changing natural history:

Home page for this book:

Newslinks, stories pertinent to San Francisco’s natural history—present and future:

Table of Contents:

Animal and plant species mentioned in the book:

San Francisco images, before 1860:
San Francisco images, 1860 to present:

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