Posted by: atowhee | June 10, 2018


My friend and co-author, Peter Thiemann, got a fihe set of images as two young GGOs fledged and then climbed back into the safety of the forest on leaning tree branches that Peter had placed near their nest.  The young GGO always fledges long before it can fly, so it must use tooth and nail to get up to safety…sometimes it doesn’t work. This time it did.  Images from the Oregon Cascades:IMG_0584Above: mom & kids in nest.  Below: dad delivers meal.IMG_0691Fledgling on the ground, handy leaners nearby.IMG_0745Climbing as his life depends on it…as it surely does:IMG_0787IMG_0791IMG_0848IMG_0863Whew…IMG_0681IMG_0683Thanks to all the donors, including Oregon Birding Association, that have aided Rogue Valley Audubon as that group has placed over 2 dozen nest platforms around the southern Cascades region for these spectacular birds.

For information on our book about the Oregon GGOs, click here.  The book is full of Peter’s fine photos.

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