Posted by: atowhee | May 31, 2018


Very little traffic in the Lower Klamath NWR or along the farm roads of Butte Valley.   Where were all the birders on such a spectacular day?IMG_06972stltsA-CET1A-CET2A-CET3avo-marchThis crane was along Dead Indian Memorial Road in the Cascades but there were plenty of cranes in the south end of the NWR auto tour route.CRANE MP18CS-NESTCliff Swallows above, still building nests.  Cinnamon Teal male, below:CT-AEG BOLDEared Grebe, Indian Tom Lake.EG DIVEfosterfoter divefoter-aird.Forster Terns, gracefulness on wings…below a little hint of Mt. Shasta behind a bird mystics could deify.foter-habtatGADSGadwall above, Greater Yellowlegs above…and later we found a single Lesser Yellowlegs.GR-YELSHAR-KENOHarrier in field east of Keno.HARR-POSTHARR-POST2HARR-POST3IMG_0503RNPH WALKSPheasant, now you see me, now you…RNPH TAILSTLT1Stilt and passing blackbirdSTLT2Sun on my shoulders…SUNNTHREETricolored Blackbird, inside Oregon south of Township Road:TRICIbistwibisVesper Sparrow at Howard PrairieVESPWP-LAKEFemale Wilson’s PhalaropeWP-LAKE2

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