Posted by: atowhee | May 30, 2018


chpperChipping Sparrow, above.cscdesBelow: deer’s bed in Hyatt Meadows along Keene Creek:DEER-BEDDdusky bolddDusky Flycatcher, above…in Hyatt Meadows.flwr-1flwr-2ggo profil no dateGreat Gray Owl, above.  Gray Jay, not so great, below:G-JAYYLILY FINElzrdMountain mahogany in bloom:m-mahogmml-quiets-brryssign-asign-bspar sextrillThe great Speckled Goose, Willow Creek Campground, Howard Prairie Lake:white-facedBand-tailed Pigeon:BTP-TCRDogwood on Mt. Ashland, below 5000 feet elevation:D-WOOD BLUMFLLN MONARCHIMG_9544Larkspur on Mt. Ashland above 6000 feet.LK-SPURSLS BK SINGLiincoln’s Sparrow song above.  Do they really think we don’t recognize rocks???  Why not a “TREES” sign?ROX SIGNSPSA-EM LAKEEmigrant Lake: Spotted Sandpiper.SPSA-EM LAKE2Turkey Vultures treed by rain and fog.TV IN RAIN

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