Posted by: atowhee | May 29, 2018


Our third day of the Golden Gate Audubon trip to southern Oregon was spent largely in the Klamath Basin.  Of course we had to stop for another Great Gray Owl as we drove through the Cascades east of  Ashland:GGO-MP19And then there were the cranes, and Vesper Sparrows and snipe on posts and…but we did finally manage to break free of those mountain birds and make it down into the flats of Lower Klamath.  Then the eagles demanded attention.

We had noticed one mature eagle eating a snack atop a utility pole. So did a three-year old bird who landed on the crossbar,  “Hey, can I have a bite?”BE-ASKSHis plea rejected the three year old flies off after a couple minutes.BE-ASKS3BE-ASKS4BE-ASKS5BE-ASKS6“Glad to see the back of that young whipper-snapper!”BE-ASKS7Some of the more than two dozen adult Bald Eagles we passed by.BE-CROSSBE-GRNDBE-POLETHOSE GOLDEN HOURS

Thanks to advice from Dick Ashford we checked out the nesting cliff for Golden Eagles on the east side of the basin in Oregon, north of Township Road.  We first saw the young fledgling soaring back and forth along the ridge.  The adult bird nearby vanished over the ridge top.GE ALOFTGE FLITEGE FLITE2After some minutes the youngster landed on his nursery where his life began.  No parent showed up with food. GE ON NESTGE ON NEST2Then the kid flew off along the ridge and landed on top of a narrow ledge, but we did not see evidence that he had caught anything…GE ON NEST3GE2 ON GRNDGE3 ON GRNDGE4 ON GRNDGE5 ON GRNDGE6 ON GRNDGE7 ON GRNDThe Golden Eagles were in Oregon but over half of the Bald Eagles were inside California in Lower Klamath and the Butte Valley.

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