Posted by: atowhee | May 16, 2018


Ash-throated Flycatchers:ATF IN TREEatf on wireYoung night-heron:BCNH YNG IN CAnalCowbirds, acting un-cowed:BHC ON FNCbo-grylodOriole above, at Gray Lodge.  Male Cinnamon Teal, below.hansumibis aglowBPH-ROADBlack Phoebe doing road work.  Below, Black Terns hawking insects above Thermolito Forebay southeast of SWALLOWS GALOREcs frenzycs nestrowcs-bridg2Canada Geese flying in line:goose line-ChicoSnow Geese at Colusa NWR, with coots behind.sno in mayGlossy swallow commonly known ats “Tree Swallow.”ts-brightKingbird:WEKI-WIREyhb in airYellow-heaxed Blackbird at Delevan NWR.yhb2yhb3Snowy Egret at Colusa NWR:sno ghrtTRTLE-FLATTwegr1Western Grebe at Thermolitowegr2Meadowlark:WEME BACKWhimbrel:WHIM2Curlew, in same marsh as whimbrel, along Hwy 162, west of Hwy 99.LBCk--deerLong-billed Dowitchers at Delevan plus sleeping beauty.lbdLEAD AMMOLZRDMocker:moc1TRTLE-FLATTWild Turkey come down to the marsh for a drink:WT IN MARSHGBH WITH PLUMESHARR-LOMale harrier, Colusa NWR.HARR-LO2House Finch, Thermalito:hofi on wire

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