Posted by: atowhee | May 7, 2018



Here’s what I wrote yesterday: “A Bewick’s Wren adult sang again and again from a conspicuous perch about twenty feet from the nest with nestlings still in it. At first I thought maybe there was a fledging, then wondered if some major goal has been achieved.  Did one of the wrenlets squeak out a “thanks, dad” for a juicy bug?  Or did one of the little ones show its wrenny spunk by attacking a sibling to steal a caterpillar?   I never did enter into Bewickland far enough to decipher the melodic message.  I was an interested but uninformed witness.”

Now I have re-considered…perhaps this was a serenade or lullaby for the baby wrens. My wife heard the nestlings calling in a high pitched voices…and I go this image through the front door which shows one of the young wrens with its beak in the air.  These birds are getting close to the size for fledgingBWRNLETS

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