Posted by: atowhee | May 6, 2018


May 6, 2018, McMinnville

I saw a single Golden-crowned Sparrow this morning.  He was near a thicket where there was a flock all winter.  How long before he’s gone, too?  That same question lingers over lingering siskins at my garden feeder. How many more days will they dominate our feeders? Some night I expect them to depart en masse.  Perhaps that lone Golden-crown is here for the summer, left behind by his flock.

I saw a tree squirrel in the woods, high up in an oak.  Not unusual but I must remark that he was remarkably more than 100 yards from the nearest bird feeder. Also, high in a dead tree was a Red-tailed Hawk.  It was the same spar where I repeatedly saw a Peregrine through the winter.  Clearly the raptorial assessment of that tree is that it’s the highest and best viewpoint in the vicinity.

About a much lower altitude raptor: again a male harrier passed over us near the No Name Pond. Two days in a row.  Maybe he has a mate or two in nearby fields.


I must nominate myself for the Sora Loser Hall of Fame.  Three days in succession I’ve heard, but not gotten a photo, of the No Name Pond Sora(s).  I can hear them in the tall grass, chuckling to themselves, “What a big, slow, dim animal…almost as awkward as a deer or coyote.”  If I were an otter…


A Bewick’s Wren adult sang again and again from a conspicuous perch about twenty feet from the nest with nestlings still in it. At first I thought maybe there was a fledging, then wondered if some major goal has been achieved.  Did one of the wrenlets squeak out a “thanks, dad” for a juicy bug?  Or did one of the little ones show its wrenny spunk by attacking a sibling to steal a caterpillar?   I never did enter into Bewickland far enough to decipher the melodic message.  I was an interested but uninformed witness.

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