Posted by: atowhee | May 1, 2018


DOWNY IN TORThese first birds are seen at or near a feeder in Toronto.  Pictures sent to me by my friend, Dr. Margaret Lock, along-time Toronto bird-feeder.FINCHESHoary Redpolls, a species I have never seen:HRP-1HRP-2HRP-3Lurking Cooper’s Hawk:TORONTO COOPTEXAS BIRDS

Photos by my friend, Cherry Gregory: Painted Bunting, Black-and-White Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler…Warbler, Black and White_ Sheepshead, March 4Warbler, Blk-Throated Green_ Sheepshead,April 1Vermilion Flycatcher followed by Black-throated Sparrow:P1100362P1100363P1100369PANAMA BIRDS
These photos sent to me by friend Stephanie Arnow:PAN-ANTPITTAAt antpitta above, lapwing below.PAN-LAPWINGPAN-OROPENDULAAn oropendula above, Bat Falcon below:PASN-BAT FALCIf you want to see dozens of her photos from Panama, click here.

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