Posted by: atowhee | April 29, 2018


BCC ON BOXBCC ON BOX2BCC ON BOX3BCC ON BOX4BCC ON BOX5BCC ON BOX6Lee French built this next box for us.  He is a birder and friend who lives in Ashland.  He also help build nest platforms for the local Great Gray Owls, part of a program funded through donations to Rogue Valley Audubon Society.  Lee builds fine nests, many with interesting design elements.  This plain box, of old lumber, has the crucial metal ring around its opening so starlings can’t enlarge the entry and take over.  Thus, the nesting Black-capped Chickadees.

The box is at the east end of our house so it gets no wind and no afternoon heat.  There is the large photinia next to it that offers a sneaky path for egress and ingress if needed.  There is a seed tray about ten feet away. It’s a chick-a-fill cafe…NEST POSITIONCongratulations, Lee, you’re never too old for more feathered grandkids.

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