Posted by: atowhee | April 26, 2018


Today I once again noticed there was no female wren sitting on the nest. There was none both times I checked yesterday.  Yet I had seen the adults sneak to the nest and back out again.  They must have been carrying food to nestlings.  So I quickly peeked.  Here’s what I found:bwn-nestlings - edited fileTo get size of the nest and nestlings right, the interior diameter of the nest needs to be about two inches on your computer screen. Each baby’s head is less than size of a dime. I believe there are at least four.  Yesterday the male was singing frequently and I think that was his way of saying, “We got chicks.”  Perhaps they were born early in day because there was no adult on the nest when I checked.

Nest from without:bwn-emptyHere is one adult leaving the nest after delivering food.  The adults come go through the ground cover, circling the garden, not flying directly to nest area.  They leave on the ground each time, sometimes skittering across the sidewalk, or as this time, moving beneath the wooden fence and then out toward the bushes and trees on that marbles on the ground are about three-quarters of an inch in diameter, seeds from the dawn redwoods that dominate this portion of the garden, keeping it shady all summer.

For summary of the usual Bewick’s Wren breeding cycle, click on this URL for a previous blog when I last saw female on the nest.  The adults will return at night if the temperatures drop.  The nestlings are still pretty helpless, mostly blind and have few feathers.  In another dozen days they will be out, looking like fluffy young wrens.

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