Posted by: atowhee | April 23, 2018


Our garden has a pair of nesting Bewick’s Wrens.  The female is now on the eggs, or may have young hatchlings.  The nest is nestled next to our house in a small covered slot above the irrigation control panel.  The male is back and forth frequently.  Out to hunt, back with food, flitting through low bushes and over ground cover, skittering across the sidewalk, up into the boxwood.  He is almost too quick to follow, but the long tail and pale gray chest add shape to his blurry presence.

Here is the picture I got when I literally uncovered the nest back on March 29th:BW NEST2I can no longer disturb or uncover the nest until I know the young have fledged.  But I did take pictures through the “open door” that the male uses to reach the nest and through the young must fledge, with and without flash:bs nest wo flashbw nest with flashI will be listening and watching for those fledglings.
They generally have five to seven eggs.  Incubation by the female takes two weeks, then two weeks later the hatchlings leave the nest to never return.  It would take them her a week or longer to lay that many eggs.  There were none on the 29th of March as I saw them carrying material So let’s say the clutch was complete as soon as possible afterwards, around April 10 or so.  That means hatching will happen soon and then I will see both birds out catching and delivering food.


  1. “You Lucky!” Can’t wait to see pictures of the babies. m a

  2. […] For summary of the usual Bewick’s Wren breeding cycle, click on this URL for a previous blog w…  The adults will return at night if the temperatures drop.  The nestlings are still pretty helpless, mostly blind and have few feathers.  In another dozen days they will be out, looking like fluffy young wrens. […]

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