Posted by: atowhee | April 20, 2018


Nestlings still hungry.  Adults still diligently feeding.  Creek has dropped a bit more and cleared considerably.  That should make hunting easier.  It is hunting, right, not fishing?  You only fish for fish.  Insects, crayfish, frogs–that’s hunting even if they are in the water, I presume worth some research.

Worth even more research: do adult dippers have swallowed food to regurgitate as well as the insect larvae they carry in the beak?  I have now several times seen adults make rapidly repeated feeding visits…too quick to have picked up additional or new food. It happened again today.  Here are the first and second feedings with a second of two of one another…thanks to my rapid-fire camera:NESTDEED2Then the adult was clinging to the lower skirt of nest, one larva still in its beak.  Did the first nestling just not grab all there was?  Was this bit back in the adult’s throat? Then the parent quickly made a second feeding lurch.  All this happened too fast for me to see, over about ten frames recorded by my camera as I was shooting on burst…so I have only the images to mull over.  More research later.  Gotta go birding.NEST-FEED3NESTFEED5For a gallery of dipper shots from today’s visit, click here.


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