Posted by: atowhee | April 10, 2018


Click here for yesterday’s images of nestlings getting fed and those wide, yellow gapes.

Click here for mid-afternoon visit pictures from April 10–adult hangs on nest.

APRIL 10, MID-DAY:   I took my daughter (on her lunch break) out Baker Creek Road to see the active Dipper nest.  Both adult birds were under the bridge and then hunting upstream.  In one quick pair of exchanges each of the adults delivered food to the squeaking nestlings.  Here are images of the dippers carrying prey:D-WORMD-WORM2D-WORM3D-FOODD-FOOD2D-FOOD3D-CRK-AD-CRK-BD-CRK-CD-CRK-DD-CRK-ED-CRK-FThe nest situation, snug beneath the bridge over which dozens of cars pass daily, their drivers and passengers oblivious to the marvel present beneath the pavement.  That pale spot inside the next opening is the yellow ghape of one of the nestlings.NESTUnlike Africa with its many weaver species, or the oropendola of tropical Latin America, our continent has a meagre variety of birds that building enclosed nests: Cliff Swallow, Marsh Wren, our orioles, Bushtit…and these industrious dippers.  Each new dipper nest (they may raise two broods per year) required a mossy globe about ten inches or more in diameter and then a grassy bowl inside, just below the opening which is about two inches off the floor on which the nest rests.

Three  other dominant nesting styles are far more common in North America: ground nesting, cavity nesting, open cup nesting in tree or shrub or cliff face or on manmade structure.  Some birds change from one style of nest to another depending on what the local habitat offers.



  1. […] Click here for update, pictures from noon, April 10, as adults hunt for food for young. […]

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