Posted by: atowhee | April 8, 2018


During this morning’s incessant rains, the dogs took us for a mandatory walk.  There were birds about.  Canada Geese grazing, may have been comfortable in the knowledge that the wet weather would enable the grass to keep ahead of their digestive demands.   Crows were standing about, probably grumbling that the boss kept the spigot open.  Starling strolled about the soccer fields like middle linemen on holiday.  Deep inside the ribbon of riverside trees a flicker announced his territorial claims: ka-ka-ka…  But the robins…oh, they were the most please of all.  The heavy rain brought worms to the surface…and more than that, it induced them to crawl out into the open, crossing inundated parking lots, looking for higher ground?  What they met was the ready gullet of the many wise robins were patrolled the parking lots that were otherwise empty.

In our garden today the siskins ruled.  Most of the other birds did not appear when the dozens of siskins (70 or more) were about and covering the ground, the feeders and lurking in the nearby shrubs.  I saw both Bewick’s Wrens feeding together (sans siskins) and I take that to mean they are not with the egg-laying phase…otherwise he’d be carrying food to her.

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