Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2018


At dawn this morning my wife woke me to see our unpaid garden worker:POSS1POSS2POSS3POSS5POSS6POSS7POSS-EARI have always suspected that rats or raccoons are cleaning up the sunflower seeds that remain uneaten at the end of each feeding day…when the juncos and siskin and others go to roost.  Previously the only mammals I have seen in our garden are mule deer, deer mice, big brown bat, western gray squirrel.  All are natives.  Now add North America’s only marsupial, the opossum.  They have been introduced into the western U. S.

When I grew up in the Ozarks they were hunted there for stew.  Is that why they were brought west from their native eastern forests? Wikipedia cites a source that says the possum was brought west during Depression as a food source.  Click here for another online source that says possums were accidental escapees, former pets.

Brush rabbit at Joe Dancer Park:
RABB-ASPRING FLORAWhite-breasted Nuthatch gets to the bottom…at Wennerberg Park:WBN-BASED


  1. I suspect someone brought them west to cleanup beneath the Fuller Bird Feeders OR Harry has the possum feeders disguised as bird feeders

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