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In early June I will lead a trip to Summer Lake and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  My co-leader will be Shannon Rio, president of the Board of Directors of the Klamath Bird Observatory [KBO].  This trip is a fund-raiser for KBO and some of the fee is thus a deductible donation.

Target birds include: Prairie Falcon, Ferruginous Hawk, both eagles, Wilson’s Phalarope, Trumpeter Swans, Bobolink, Eastern Kingbird, Black Tern, Common Nighthawk, Sage Thrasher, Sagebrush Sparrow, Franklin’s Gull,  Burrowing and Short-eared Owl, Say’s Phoebe.  Mammals could include: wild horse, pronghorn, badger, marmot, coyote, kit fox, Nuttall’s cottontail, Belding’s ground squirrel, long-tailed weasel.


Here are the details: We’ll be  leaving Ashland on Saturday, June 2nd for a full day of birding from Ashland to Summer Lake and lots of stops along the way, including Collier State Park and Klamath Marsh.  We will bird the summer lake refuge that late afternoon and stay at the lodge across from the refuge entrance.  Accommodations will be shared rooms (2 folks per room) with two double (or two queen) beds.  Dinner will be provided while we tally up our bird counts from the day.  The next day we head for Malheur Wildlife Refuge where we will spend 3 nights at Malheur Field Station.  Accommodations there are a dormitory style facility with a full kitchen.  You will need to bring bedding and towels for this part of the trip.  Dinners are provided and one dinner will be at the famous diamond hotel.  You will need to bring your own breakfasts and lunches.  Harry will be renting a van and some folks may bring their own vehicle.  Cost is $575 for the 4 night and 5 day trip.  That will pay for accommodations, travel costs (van and/or gas), dinners, Harry’s guidance and a $300 tax deductible contribution to the Klamath Bird Observatory.
If you are interested or have questions, contact Shannon:;    541-840-4655. bdgr-cSEO AT SKAgitSAGE SPAR FACE

In late May I will speak at Wild Birds Unlimited, Medford:


May 23, 2018  6:00 – 7:00 pm at Wild Birds Unlimited.
961 Medford Center
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 772-2107   Call to reserve a seat, space limited. First a Swainson’s Hawk photo by Kirk Gooding:swain

FERRU TAKEOFFWHFIBYBH ALERTThese final two photos are by Bob Mandell.


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