Posted by: atowhee | March 25, 2018


My spring birding class here in McMinnville starts next week.  Talks on Thursday night, walks on four Saturdays in April.  Use this URL to get to the park dept. website, then search “spring birds.”

March 25, 2018

The No Name Pond on the northern edge of McMinnville held three Wood Ducks last week, today they were gone.  Ring-necked Ducks continue to be the most numerous there. They seemed be in courtship mood, feuding and fussing today.  I could hear their nasally voices in complaint…or was it threatening?5RNDUHere’s one of the male Woodies, making a pintail look drab:woody

There was a Cooper’s Hawk overlooking Merlot Drive today.  One of his cousins, a Sharpie, was trying to hide in a bare maple tree at Wennerberg earlier this week.COOP-MERLOTssh at wenn

The nester?  This robin carrying grass.RBN-NEST

Siskins are once again hitting the feeders after a winter of sporadic appearance and disappearance.  Today there were at least forty in our garden.IMG_0252sisk-feeder

At one time last week both an Audubon’s and a Myrtle Warbler were on our suet log.  That’s as close together as I’ve ever seen them.  They do not come and go together.yrw-two

There is a junco who comes to our garden with a bold white tail feather.  This bird does not have darker feathers that cover the white when it is perched or hopping about.

It’s been cold and damp this week but our lettuce and parsley are in the ground.  The daffodils and artemesia are at flower-max. The inevitable wilt and fade is upon them already.  Flowers abound.  Pluams are nearly done, cherries rising to prominence.  Vinca is blue while forsythia have begun to lose that sunny glow.  Star magnolia, early pink magnolia, early azalea, candytuft, heather, violets—blooms abound.C-R SNOCoast Range, above, from valley floor.  Artemesia below:IMG_0341No Name Pond:NNPIMG_0156IMG_0162IMG_0185


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