Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2018


I love Paris, Provence, Chinon, Strasbourg…but hate what the drive for agricultural profit is doing to our fellow creatures.   Pesticides kill, profit destroys, too many people means too much plastic, too much pollution and death.  Click here for the tragic details.

France is one of my favorite countries but they are way behind the better countries in conservation, true over most of the non-Protestant parts of Europe…birds are to eat, not watch…and then there is the pathetic reality that corporate and private profit now motivate almost everything humans do to this poor planet…communism killed humans and their spirit, capitalism kills the planet and its biosphere…and there are too many people, as Paul Ehrlich recently said, about five billion too many and getting worse…women’s rights and birth control are the only glimmer of hope left for human survival above the level of fighting over grubs for breakfast…how’s that for a dark view?  Sorry, too much Trump this week…and Brexit…and China paying poachers to kill Burmese elephants for the skin…

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