Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2018


For daffodils spring began last month, for oaks it begins next month.  For singing robins and blooming Oregon grape it is now.  Whichever signal of spring you heed, the time’s they are a-changin’.

Red-breasted Sapsucker drumming Wennerberg:RB-WENN

Mt. Shasta wearing here spring outfit, white snow down to the waist:IMG_9194Mocker in California sun: MOCKOregon: henbit, an invasive mint, and Oregon grape, the state flower:IMG_9263O-GO-G2

CRANE-CAST: Recently I talked with photographer Kirby Flannagan on his podcast…and we talked about cranes.  You can click here to hear our conversation.CRNFIELD


For the second time I got to meet “Shadow,” the Great Gray Owl who lives at Lindsay Museum in Walnut Creek.  Injured as a youngster back in Minnesota, Shadow has lived almost two decades as an educator and ambassador at Lindsay in Conrtra Costa  County, CA.  Last week I was at the museum…to talk Great Gray Owls.  If you are nearby, drop in and greet Shadow.Shadow & Larry Fuller #1Shadow & Larry Fuller #2



  1. […] Then a friend with a camera captured some Shadowy moments as we faced the audience together. […]

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