Posted by: atowhee | March 9, 2018


To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven.     –Pete Seeger

Disperse. Depart. Delight.  Arrive.  Changes all around.

Delight comes from singing chorus frogs (somewhere near a thousand at the Joe Dancer marsh), robins and returning migrants.  Today I saw my first Turkey Vulture of the year in McMinnville.  It was circling Joe Dancer soccer fields.

Dispersal means juncos, starlings, Bushtits and other winter flocks will split up.  I saw my first Bushtit pair looking for nest site this week.  Starlings wil lonc e again next in hole above our garage.  Many of the juncos will go back up into the montane conifer forest.

Departure will find Golden-crowned Sparrows, Myrtle Warblers and other winter-only birds heading north.  Cackling Geese will withdraw back to Alaska and the Willamette Valley will settle into a quieter season…until they come back next fall.

The floral beauty intensifies.  Now forerunning pink and white plum trees arch over earlier crocus and daffodil beds.  Soon other trees will follow. The forsythia are bright as popcorn butter.  Hyacinths are blooming now, one of the first perfume flowers of the season.  Buds are swelling on nearly all deciduous bushes and trees.

At Joe Dancer this morning we walked the dogs on our usual loop.  The flickers were giving their territorial advertisements in full voice.  The Red-breasted Sapsucker was on his customary tree trunk.  The male Anna’s Hummingbird was atop his favorite vertical tree branch.  The crows were foraging on the soccer fields among the dozens of robins.

Here is my first Yamhill TV of the year:TV-FOYAt home, somewhat smaller birds…Bushtits at suet:BT-LOGGINGBWIREBWIRE2GCS BRUITTJNCZMYRT PERFECTMYRT-HFRBS HEDRBSAPTREESKYYSTAILST-MAR9 (2)

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