Posted by: atowhee | March 7, 2018


Here is final gallery of my photos from our KBO Pacific Northwest trip.   I begin with blurry shots of Merlin at dusk on Samish Flats…because eBird questions our report of same:merlin-sammerlin-sam2harly prettyharly diveharly dive2Harlequin above, Song Sparrow below.sing-wireBlack-bellied Plover, still in winter plumage:bbplbrant -plusbrant-lonebrant-lone2brantwobt shoreBlack Turnstone above, Common Loon below–both at Ediz Hook.colo legsImmature Bald Eagle:egl-3rdRBM MALESUN-UPPvu-avu-bCOLO-PTLCHfxy2Fox Sparrow above, Mew Gull below:mew3rockbrkrockbrk3Surf Scoter getting aligned.SUS LINEDtrmptrTrumpeters near Sequim. Below, Chestnut-backed and Downy at Dungeness Audubon Center:

These last two I got driving back home, at Ridgefield NWR–Gadwall with friends, snipe with friend in foreground:GADWALL PLUSWS VU


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