Posted by: atowhee | March 6, 2018


These images were all taken by Kirk Gooding, mostly at Ediz Hook in Port Angeles.  Those mountains are the Olympics.  That snow is real.P1060593P1060596Red-Breasted Merganser male above, male Harlequin taking off, below.P1060601P1060609Those rolly-polies are harbor seals, Glaucous-winged Gull taking attendance:P1060610Suef Scoter with clam:P1060611P1060619P1060620P1060623P1060624P1060645BLack Turnstone above, one of the world’s great ducks, Harlequin, below:P1060672P1060681P1060688P1060692P1060704Brant:P1060713P1060716P1060719P1060725


  1. […] Kirk Gooding pics from Ediz Hook including Harlequin and scoter with mouthed clam: […]

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