Posted by: atowhee | February 27, 2018


My mythical dictionary of words-that-should-be reads: “bunnificent (adj.).    Describes any situation or landscape which contains visible bunnies or other forms of lagomoprh.  Can describe actions taken by rabbits, hares or their relatives while being observed.”

We were walking the dogs in the frigid morning air when my wife spotted a pair of brush rabbits next to the trailside thicket.  This is a coastal species found south of the Columbia River all the ways south to Baja.  Meet Sylvilagus bachmani. Rev. Bachman was an early 19th Century minister and naturalist who was a great help to Audubon and the leading mammal expert in the U.S.before the Civil War.rabbrabb2Once they spotted the dogs the bunnies stopped eating breakfast and one disappeared, one froze in place.rabb3




  1. Cute ears. The hares here have ears a good 10 inches tall. Fastest runners around these parts – and they need to be!

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