Posted by: atowhee | February 23, 2018


to save life on this planet from what we have done to the atmosphere and climate?

We have made progress in the past 170 years but there is so much drag in the system, so much push for profit over reason…here’s what one progressive mind saw in 1849:

“In the relations of humans with the animals, and with the
flowers, with the objects of all Creation, there is a Great Ethic
scarcely as yet seen, but which will eventually break through
into the light and become corollary and complement to human
ethics …. Doubtless it was first necessary to civilize man in 
relation to fellow man…. However, it will now be necessary 
to civilize humans in relation to nature. And there … everything 
needs to be done.”

That same year both Marx and Darwin published their different, but revolutionary, works on life, both human and natural.


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