Posted by: atowhee | February 20, 2018


FEB. 20-2018, McMinnville

The first bird at the feeders this morning was a lone Myrtle Warbler. Light snow was falling as he arrived at 755 AM.  Soon a small group of juncos came in along with the first of the Golden-crowned Sparrows. By 8AM there were at least 20 juncos and two of the sparrows, most feeding on the ground beneath the roof…out of the snow.  The juncos were flitting through the bushes. Wherever one landed on a flimsy branch, it loosed tiny avalanches.MYRT GLANCMYRT GLANC2MYRT GLANC3

Around 9AM the squirrel quartet arrived to pig out on the sunflower seeds.  Their maneuvers and fussing with one another for position on the feeders disconcerted the birds.  Tbhe Myrtle Warbler returned just as the first House Sparrows showed up.  In a few minutes the only Audubon;s Warbler came in and fed.  The towhee pair arrived next.

The snowfall increased, stopping finally around 10AM but the day was too warm for the snow to last.IMG_3859IMG_3860

Late in the morning both the Bewick’s Wren and two Black-capped Chickadees arrived.  By 1220PM a Downy Woodpecker was present, not a bird that I see daily but occasionally.  It may have a larger home territory than the smaller birds who are often at the feeders several times per day or just hang around continuously (like the juncos and sparrows).

In mid-afternoon a friend and I sat at his kitchen table with feeders just outside the near window.  Red-breasted Nuthatch pair, juncos, Bewick’s Wren and a single Myrtle’s Warbler all showed up.  He’s seen a Song Sparrow  recently but it was not present at that time. The wren:bw outsidbw-boldThe tail tells the tale, up or down, tilted, waved or vibrated–a message in each tail couple:RBN CAGEThis must be a paired pair as nuthatches are not known to be generous with one another unless there is … a relationship.RBN GLANC3RBN GLANC4rfbn glanc5


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