Posted by: atowhee | February 18, 2018


A Fall of Winter This Day Comes

Mid-morning the season’s first snowfall began, ended and melted away.  During the brief flurry the temperature fell more than two degrees Fahrenheit, dropping to near 34, still above freezing. Even as the snow fell, the Bushtit gang came by the suet feeders.  They will not be deterred by wind, snow or unpleasant weather.  The daily calorie count is crucial to their survival, which is their main concern in this season.  Nesting is still at least six weeks in the future so they have not begun to form pairs.  Some of our resident birds are paired already.  The male and female Spotted Towhees now come to feed together after months of aloneness and even sporadic animosity at the feeders. And earlier this week, for the first time, the two identical (to my eyes) Bewick’s Wrens came as a pair to feed. In some dense bush near our house they will nest again this year, and their quick melodies will be heard in April and May.

Mid-day the morning storm was passed but the wind persisted.  The next wave of clouds and rainy snow was moving westerly, down from the Coastal Range. Whatever form it takes, we welcome the falling water. Just after 2 PM the next storm hit, by 2:45PM it was rain and snow. Perhaps nudged along by this front, a tiny forest shadow moved across our patio—it was a Pacific Wren that would normally be in some dark, damp creekside canyon.  It is the first time this season I’ve seen a Pacific Wren in our very suburban neighborhood.  It’s not a bird I would expect to stay long but snow may fall tonight so he could be here for morning at our birdy B & at loggbt at logg2Bushtit above, Bewick’s Wren below:bwwwmmmlmw flttr2Myrtle Warblermyrt-looog



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