Posted by: atowhee | February 16, 2018


Both California and Florida have endemic species of scrub-jay.  In California the Island Scrubber is found only on Santa Cruz Island off Ventura.  In Florida their Florida Scrubber is found in …well, scrub, isolated genetically hundreds of miles from the more western scrub-jay species.  But it was apparently the hatred of one NRA lobbyist that prevented the state of Florida from adopting their native corvid as the state bird.

Florida can proudly boast of being a state where almost anybody can buy a gun or almost any description…in fact one can buy a gun before one can buy a beer, and the state still prevents sale of marijuana.  Don’t smoke pot, it’s dangerous, you know…just buy another assault rifle in case the neighbors get out of hand…

And Florida has the highest density of gun dealers of any state in the union.  But all is not rosy for the gun industry here in Gunland.  They have won so many political battles, and sold so ma y guns, they may have saturated the market.  Without a gun-control advocate in the White House, the NRA and gun sellers have no visible goblin to scare the suspicious (not to say paranoid) white gun owners into buying ever more guns and ammo.  It has long been true that a minority of American households actually own guns, but those that do can be stampeded into stocking up because “they are coming to take your guns.”

The NRA’s been so successful politically that lack of gun control and a pro-gun president are now hurting the gun business.  Ah, gee…maybe Congress and Trump would like to see some subsidies for the gun guys?  After all, we already give federal support to corn farmers, oil companies, cattle farmers, frackers…why not gunners?  Doesn’t that sound patriotic?  Bet the NRA would pony up donations for that.


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