Posted by: atowhee | February 10, 2018


February 10, Saturday, 2018

Some ice on the bird baths this morning, unusual this winter.  But a clear day and mild by afternoon when Nora and I went to Merlot Marsh and Pinot Noir Street.   My pet peregrine was back on his preferred perch near the top of the tallest dead Doug-fir.  This time Nora, the dog, and I got to see him fly off.  He sped across the sky a few first-downs above treetops. I chased him with my camera lens.  Nora sniffed with indifference at a fellow predator so insignificant, so far beyond sniffing distance.  The falcon made one move toward a passing collared-dove, then swooped back to altitude and hurried off toward the Coast Range to the west of town.pereperchPeregrine as speeding speck:in airA lot easier to photograph this guy, looking down his nose at the golf course:rt in sun

The overnight cold brought a change in the garden bird mix…several Myrtle Warblers came in a flock today, still eschewing the lone Audubon’s.  And there was a lone Song Sparrow for the first time in weeks.myrt-amyrt-bflkr uppFlicker was calling at Joe Dancer.  Bushtits were gobbling down my suet, as no name pond, a pair of pintails had joined the usual crowd of ducks.

Blooming plants in the neighborhood include Dutch iris, daffodils, heather, croci, candytuft and violets. The first native plant I’ve seen blooming in the wild is the Indian plum, Oemleria cerasiformes. Most of our deciduous natives are just putting on obvious buds at this early stage.

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