Posted by: atowhee | January 30, 2018


All these images were taken during the Chico Goose Festival last week.EGL-HUHAbove: first year Bald Eagle stares at raven who has the effrontery to dine on HIS cross-bar.  Is this the sort of behavior that goaded one young eagle into seriously chasing a raven he had no chance of catching?
Below: another young eagle carrying duck, likely a wigeon.  That species was plentiful in the rice paddies where I got this shot and the bird had dark body with white wing patches.

EGL-WIGEGL-WIG2gull2Ring-billed Gull, above and below.rbgrt in rainTundra Swans and Pintail:s-dCRANES ABOVE ALL ELSE3CRNSCRN FEEDINGCRNFIELDCRNFIELD2CRNFIELD3CRNS UP2LLANO SECO:
Loggerhead of the parking lot…then below a rest stop for Pintails.L-S PEFCTPINTAIL CTR

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