Posted by: atowhee | January 29, 2018


I have survived the intense, bird-rich experience of the Chico Goose Festival.  This morning I left Ashland and drove home along I-5 to Exit 263 north of Salem, OR.  A few Freeway Birding highlights:

  • Acorn Woodpecker at Merlin Rest Area, northbound, Exit 63.
  • Milepost 86, Douglas County: perched Turkey Vulture, Cooper’s Hawk in flight, robin watching traffic go past.
  • Between MP 118-119: perched Peregrine
  • MP 133:  Red-shouldered Hawk; carcass of Barn Owl on roadside
  • South of Eugene the abundant birds: raven, red-tail and kestrel
  • At Creswell’s Garden Lake Park:  Canada Goose in possession of former red-tail nest.

In norther California I saw several Snow Geese in the vernal lakes between Weed and Yreka so more should be arriving in the near future as they begin winter migration.  There are still tens of thousands in the Chico area.


  1. Remind me not to follow you on the freeway!

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