Posted by: atowhee | January 23, 2018


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  1. You really did see something special at the pond – Cedar Waxwings close enough to photograph! Great pics.

    I know you don’t like to look like you are promoting your books, but I would like to suggest that you say a few sentences to introduce your new book to groups.

    YOUR BOOK The Natural History of the S. F. Bay Area is an accurate title, but it may not catch some as they may focus on “history” (may think boring – or else forget the “natural” and think it is about the settling and ruining of the Bay Area.) It was good that you chimed in after my poor reference to the book and mentioned how it goes back, way back in history. Just three sentences or so can draw their interest, but on their own people are not too swift!

    TALK The talk was absolutely EXCELLENT! I loved the detail more than the photos even. Well done. Not a person left before the two hours and 15 min. were up – not even for a potty break!

    CRANES I wanted to ask this, but it was late: We always talk about birds mating for life, but usually the go their separate ways after the kids are raised. The cranes are remarkable in that they are together their whole lives until one dies. Is there another bird species that does that? No divorces even! Again we are put to shame by the natural world!

    Have a great trip! The red tail was back today. He has been here for half an hour 150ft. up.Woops…There he went.

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