Posted by: atowhee | December 10, 2017


Dec. 10:

It was cold, dry and sunny today.  And common birds were doing common things, energetically.  In one fescue field about a mile north of McMinnville along Westside Road there were a couple hundred crows in and flying around that field.  None were seen anywhere else along a five-mile stretch of highway.  What was afoot in that field besides the crows?cro2-magnumcro-magnum

The crows took flight as soon as they saw me out of the car…can’t trust those predatory hominids.

In wet, forested Rotary Park, there were both kinds of kinglets as you can expect in this season. They were foraging along with a creeper and chickadees in the sun-warmed trees facing the sun which was low in the southwestern sky by 2PM.  I managed a few marginal images as proof of their flighty presence.  I kept seeing a small, dark bird low in the dense underbrush.  Each time I expected a Pacific Wren.  Each time I got a glimpse it was simply a low-life kinglet away from his high-flying brethren.gc-rotrc-rot
Brown Creeper:bc-rot3


There were over a hundred Bufflehead on the Carlton Sewer Ponds.  About forty shovelers and a lone female Lesser Scaup.  A pair of red-tails pursuing a single…perhaps a territorial dispute connected to this courtship season for them.  They, too, took to the air when the marauding hominid appeared.  We certainly have a dangerous reputation among our fellow creatures…can’t imagine why…buff-carl


  1. 100 bufflehead! You lucky……..Pays to be out in the cold – but NOT me!

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