Posted by: atowhee | December 4, 2017


Click for article on research into how hummers drink.  Fascinating.

This morning at the neighbor’s hummer station, there was one bird on each nectar feeder…perhaps the 38 degree chill made them so hungry they couldn’t afford the usual flutter and chase.  Here is one feeder, a sequence of images we could call “Hummer drinks, hummer thinks.”hmmr drinxhummr drinx2hummr thinxhummr thinx2If you missed  it, click here for yesterday’s blog about human and hummer wars.



  1. First on the fox sparrows – “Some bird sent out a tweet” – Ha! Good one!

    On today’s hummer. I am less convinced this is a male anna’s than I am by the one you previously sent from your neighbor’s yard. That one was very hazy (low light), but I could see reddish iridescence on the head and a bit on the neck.

    Once you get me a good head shot of the gorgette in sun, I will be convinced that we have to change the story on only MALE Anna’s staying in Oregon for the winter and that mine is a girl – which makes me happy because I like calling her Anna.

    m a

  2. Curious about that black ash tray looking pot strapped to the bottom of the feeder. What is its purpose?

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