Posted by: atowhee | November 27, 2017


November 27, Monday.

There were two new homes constructed in our neighborhood last spring.  The heavy equipment and utilities installation destroyed much of the fifty-year old sidewalk.  New sidewalks were poured after the homes were finished.  Now fresh sidewalks, like those of all ages, collect fallen leaves blown about by the latest storm, watered by the persistent rains.  The leaves lie flattened on the new cement and chemistry happens.  The acidic leaves, the application of plentiful water and the compounds in the cement itself combine to leach out dark pigments from the leaves and these soak into the surface of the concrete.  Thus we have leaf tattoos decorating the sidewalk.  The older cement lacks some content so the tattoos are limited to this run of virgin sidewalk. The process itself as the tattoos and even the disintegrating leaves will prove ephemeral.

The process:IMG_2801CH-BACK_LIThis Cooper’s Hawk was in an unexpected place this morning.  On a pole far from any trees at Joe Dancer Park.  He was watching the ditch alongside the road below, expecting some small birds.  He must be a wintering migrant because I could tell him there are never any birds along that street.  The local Red-tails hunt the area for rodents but the kestrel never bothers–no sparrows, no finches, no small birds until you move a couple hundred yards closer to the riverside forest.  It’s gotta be tough hunting an area you don’t know.CH-FRONTCOOLFULL RIVRRiver running high and muddy, above.  Below: male Kestrel at Joe Dancer Park.KEST PUFFPS CLEANCleanliness is a tribal thing among siskins.PS CROWDDPS FACEPS PAIR


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