Posted by: atowhee | November 23, 2017


This morning I  laid out a breakfast feast for the garden birds…but, then, nuthin’.  Ingratitude? I wondered. No, caution.  There’s trouble about. Late in the morning the birds showed up to feed.  In mid-afternoon I met the trouble.  In the garden I watched a small hawk circling through the limbs of our Colorado spruce, in pursuit of a junco. It was a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Small head and beak and delicate feet and blunt tail.SS-GRDN1SS-GRDN2SS-GRDN3SS-GRDN4SS-GRDN5SS-TAILBig dog with  big mushrooms.DOG-ROOMSIMG_2594MUDDY RVRSLUGOSUNSETTThis sunset was the final blush of a day of many acts: rain, blustery winds, sun and a blue sky, rainbow, windrows of fallen leaves.



  1. Sharp shinned or Cooper’s – You can have them all.

    The only good thing a Cooper’s ever did for me came this year when it took a poor blind and probably deaf house finch who did not see him coming while all the other birds took off. Earlier, I had gone out to add food to the feeder and as usual all the birds took off, but as I raised the food scoop within six inches of the feeder, I saw the poor finch in the tray, scrapping its beak along the bottom hoping to run it into some seeds. I am glad its struggle has ended.

    I can’t stand seeing the eye and tumor issues in the finches. I will send some photos later.

    On a more positive note, another Hermit thrush has been around. She scrapes her feet under the shrubbery and finding little there rushes up to grab a few sunflower seeds in the bowl on the ground. Perhaps I just did not pay attention, but I have never seen the Hermit thrush at the house until the first one hit the window this year. I now keep the shades down about two feet until the morning sun does not reflect off of the windows. So far so good.

    m a

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