Posted by: atowhee | November 5, 2017


Here is Peter Thiemann’s report on the Great Gray Owl being rehabilitated at Wildlife Images in Merlin: “He is in physical therapy now to gain strength. Since the release site is on a forest service road near Butte Falls, and with snow now, the release needs to be sooner than later. Jen [Wildlife Images staffer] has not given a date yet. I will do a 4K video with photo grab of the release. ”

The only other captive GGOs in Oregon are at Blue Mountain Wildlife near Pendleton.
Here are four images from Peter, the close-ups of the Wildlife Images owl:ggo1ggo2ggo3This is a young bird but fully grown.  Those talons are an inch long, half the size of talons on a Great Horned Owl which eats much larger prey.  GGOs specialize in small rodents, shrews and moles but need three or four per day to remain healthy and at full weight.

A wild owl hunting in southern Cascades.  Photo by Peter Thiemann, again.IMG_5560



  1. If you know, What happened to injure this owl? And don’t tell me it was human related – again!

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