Posted by: atowhee | November 4, 2017


CBS “Sunday Morning” newscast ends each week with a “Minute of Nature” segment.  This weekend, Nov. 5, that program will end with a minute of video and natural sound produced by my friend Lee McEachern.  Lee and I spent years working together at KGO-TV before we both escaped work to go back outside.  Lee is now using his great skills as a video produced/editor to make nature shorts.

The video originated in the Bay Area where hundreds of White Pelicans gather after their inland breeding season.  The great aerial sequences of a pelican flock chasing a school of fish came from a drone.  Sound in the background comes from other waterfowl as the pelicans themselves are silent.  They have the second-longest wingspan in North America, almost nine feet and just slightly less than the California Condor.

If you want to see some of Lee’s great pelican video, click here.

I took these pelicans photos during an April visit to Klamath Basin where some of them breed.  They often breed at Malheur Lake as well and sometimes Summer Lake, all in Oregon.wpel flizwpel standzwpel loafrs



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