Posted by: atowhee | October 29, 2017


My friend, Kirk Gooding of Ashland, sent me a series of photos of a brilliant blue sky and the big birds beneath it.  This was during a day of work at Badger Run wildlife rehab center in Klamath County and then wild birds out on the range.

First, Badger Run:BE--ONE WINGThe one-winged Bald Eagle above performs ambassadorial duties for Badger Run,  Below: Ewok.EWOK1EWOK2LITTLE BIT RTH3This is Little Bit, a Red-tail.LITTLE BIT-RTH2Little Bi-RTHHe’s not blind, it’s a nictitatig membrane to keep the eyes protected and moist.P1040518P1040520

ferru-aFerrugy above, young Golden Eagle below:ge-immaharr1Harrier.harr2Prairie Falcon keeping posted:pf-postbig noseP1040579

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