Posted by: atowhee | October 16, 2017


October 14th Don Albright and his wife saw a pair of Great Gray Owls at La Pine State Park.   It was likely an adult male and his offspring who was learning to be an owl.  Here is Don’s report (his photos follow):
“I wanted to let you know that this morning my wife Lory and I saw an adult and a juvenile Gray Owl along the Deschutes River at LaPine State Park.  We got great looks–and photos–of each bird.  Also heard the juvenile vocalize a few times.  A similar call to the juvenile Great Horned Owls we hear here at our place on Chehalem Mountain.  It was a beautiful occasion this morning. Perhaps the owls were a little more out-in-the-open than usual because it was such a cold morning–about 22 degrees when we saw them in the sunshine.  It was 15 degrees earlier in the morning at LaPine.
“I see several previous reports of GGOW on ebird from LaPine State Park, but none from this calendar year.  There was one reported last month just a bit east of the state park.”
6241736000_IMG_46096241736000_IMG_46416241736000_IMG_46426241736000_IMG_46466241736000_IMG_4652La Pine is near the northern end of this bird’s breeding range on the eastern slope of the Cascades.  I believe the owls are found as far north as the eastern slope of Mt. Jefferson which is north of Bend.  There is no evidence that the bird ever extended as far north as the Columbia River or Mt. Hood in western Oregon.  The only known breeding range in Washington State is in the eastern third of the state.   GGOs are also found in northeastern Oregon in the Blue and Wallowa Mountains and are stars of the Ladd Marsh Bird Festival there every May.
Thanks for sharing, Don.


  1. I live east of La Pine State Park and for the last 4 years a pair of Great Gray owls spend time in my yard. They have brought babies with them 3 summers in a row. I see them most months in winter but weekly in summer. Your pictures are amazing! The pair I see are very friendly and fly down to see what I’m doing in my yard when I’m working outside. I have been very close but only have iPhone pics of them. Thank you for sharing!

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