Posted by: atowhee | October 16, 2017


October 16, 2017 There are no orb-weavers in our garden this fall.  They were plentiful in the previous two years.  Lemmings?

Sunny, mild day with temp in the high sixties.  The dogs and birded Wennerberg and the side roads west of Westside Road itself.   Five kestrels along Hill Road between Baker Creek Road and Shelton Road.  Also on Hill Road I stopped for a group of crows.  Not enough to be a murder of crows, but perhaps at least a verbal assault of crows.  Five perched high on the maple trees along the road.  Then like the officious butler in an Edwardian drama one announced my arrival and simultaneously denigrated my presence.   I scurried away, chastened and mouselike.  Crows rule.

Nearly everywhere I went this morning, waxwings adorned the treetops.  This image from Wennerberg Park:WAX3WAX3AOne kestrel perched:K1Autumn, on a perfect morning:IMG_0173IMG_0195


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