Posted by: atowhee | October 8, 2017


Perfect blue skies and crisp afternoon air.  A chance to wear a light jacket even as the sun shines. Geese in large Vs overhead, honking as they go.  Goldfinches crowding onto the feeders.  After some rain, mushrooms pushing up through forest duff.  The last wildflowers of the year. Ash and alder, dogwood and maple turning the colors of their finale show.  Scrub-jays and squirrels vying to see who can take the most peanuts off to be cached.  The nuthatch stuffing his winter store of suet into convenient sapsucker wells.  In a mowed, dried field a wave of yellow butterflies going to each dandelion flower.FINCHFESTFINCHFEST2LVSSm-roomsBushtit brigade at work.BT FINECacklers across the water at Yamhill Sewer Ponds.CACK-SA cholias butterfly, one of dozen in the field, tasting the last flowers of the year.CHOLIA B-FLYGBH FIELDA final flowering before the cold.LAST FLOWERA junco enjoys a good bath:JUNCBATH1JUNCBATH2JUNCBATH3Perhaps the last TV I’ll see in the country until late winter of 2018.LASTV


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