Posted by: atowhee | September 26, 2017


Click here to see wonderful video of female Western Screech-Owl on her nest with three eggs, inside a nest box in Ashland, OR.
The owls’ hostess is Leigh Hood. Here are her words describing the spring’s events: “Before last November (2016) we had another house up in the same place for 2-1/2 years with what I believe was the same female (over that 2.5 year period) roosting and nesting inside. But we never witnessed any owlets. No branching, no fledging. However, we did go for a walk soon after we thought the nest was too quiet in the Cottle Phillips open space adjacent our house and find a mother and two fuzzy owlets. I have so many questions as to if those were the owls raised in our box. I can’t figure out how they’d get there without branching and getting strong first. Would like to discuss with you if you have any ideas.
Then on November 7, 2016, we waited for the roosting owl inside the owl box to leave as she did every night at the last moments of dusk. We then replaced the old with my new box containing the camera. Over the next few days we got the UBS cable hooked up to our PC inside our house, threading it inside a PVC pipe. But that owl never returned to the new box.
In April 2017 a female Screech Owl began roosting in the box. We could hear the male and female calling to one another each night.
This is where my video begins.”
Leigh waited…and waited. The eggs were still there and when examined it was clear they had never developed. THe female had abandoned them at last.
However, Leigh was rewarded with sighting of a trio of youngster not far from that box: FullSizeRender
There is modern dance and there is ancient dance. My friend, John Bullock sent me this link to the first-ever video of dancing Hooded Grebe. Enjoy.
This grebe breeds only in Patagonia and is considered critically endangered…we are about to lose the Isadora Duncan of the avian dance theatre.

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