Posted by: atowhee | September 25, 2017


Sept. 24-A Great Gray Dawn—in Pictures

We stopped at a well-known GGO hunting meadow near Howard Prairie Lake. 8AM. We had seen no owl there on our first pass. This time Carol Mockridge spotted the young owl at the far north end of the clearing, hanging from a dead ponderosa branch like a mass of moss. The bird dove to the ground a couple times and moved steadily down the meadow toward us but stayed near the far side, away from the road. The last time he dropped to the ground and vanished in the two-foot tall grass and forbs, I began shooting immediately. The one thing I “know” about cameras—always shoot in bursts. I was taught that by my co-author Peter Thiemann who took nearly all the great photos for our Great Gray Owl book, by shooting the birds with his camera set to burst…you never know what might happen in the next nano-second. So I have the young bird flying back into the forest. Without even moving my camera I then caught the father owl coming in from his previously unseen perch off to our left, flying past and going into the forest near the youngster. Later we heard the father’s deep-throated hoots as he instructed his offspring on how to really hunt a meadow, or …924-ggo1924-ggo2924-ggo3 924-ggo5924-ggo6924-ggo7924-ggo8924-ggo9924-ggo10924-ggo11924-ggo12924-ggo13924-ggo14


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