Posted by: atowhee | September 18, 2017


We left Summer Lake Lodge after breakfast and made our way to Malheur via several birding stops and pronghorn delays. I’ve seen hundreds, but I still brake for pronghorn, our fastest land animal in North America. Have you ever seen them do the eight-hundred yard dash?P=HORNS
If you’re going to bathe in public you must expect somebody to take your picture. Savannah Sparrows wash off the dust of the steppe in the alkaline water of Malheur Lake going dry:SS-BATH1SS-BATH2SS-BATH3SS-BATH4
The Sage Thrasher was first seen along the edge of the old Silver Lake bed, now dry pasture. By the time I got done with this trip I had seen somewhere between 100 and one thousand Sage Thrashers. They gather in loose flocks in late summer before the cold drives them oneFrom Summer Lake to Benson Pond we founs Yellow-headed Blackbirds wherever there were cattails in the drylands:YH ALOFTYH GANGYH GANG2YH-WIRE
BB-S1b-buirdz“Me dog,
you interloper…”COY-ONECaspian Terns at Malheur HQ pond:CT1-CT-3CT-3ASunset and the deer family was out for a stroll, three moms and four young-uns.deerlyDragonfly atop sign:df on signDF-UPP2Golden Eagle in Christmas Valley:GE-UPPPGreat Horned Owl at Malheur HQ, complete with glare:gho-upabovThere is actually a small lake in Christmas Valley and there was a small fanily of Eared Grebe, “babies on board.”grebe famlygrebe x 2grebeletsLet sleepoiung yellowlegs lie.GRYELLLOne lone Lewis’s Woodpecker was fly-catching in at Malheur HQ on Wednesday night, gone before OBA arrived.LEWO IN CTNWDSummer Lake Lodge pond.lodgeSunset over Malheur with color by smoke.malhr sunsetQWALRed-naped Sapsucker concealed in cottonwoods at Summer Lake Lodge:RNSAPRNSAP2Un-photographed were the thousands of Barn Swallows seen over the week, on migration and across all types of habitat. Perhaps they were out-numbered by the Gambel’s sub-species of White-crowned Sparrows that crowd Malheur Basin this time of year.

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