Posted by: atowhee | September 18, 2017


ek at bpEastern Kingbird in the willows on east side of Benson Pond, Malheur.ek at bp2Below, Golden Eagle over Christmas Valley:ge in windincomingmodo aloneNuttall’s cottontail at Malheur Field Station where they bound and abound.NUTCOTorangRabbitbrush in bloom:rabbrushRock Wren at Buena Vista:RWYoung deer suckling at Page Springs:
sucklewait for meWhite-faced Ibis at The Narrows:WFI-YNGWFI-YNG2Action at the water hole at Malheur Field Station:WHOLE1WHOLE2THe Narrows–Caspian Tern, Ring-billed Gull, ibis, Hooded Merganser female:
TERN-GULTHREE ON MUDTownsend’s Solitaire at Page Springs:toso at psThese images are from Klamath Bird Observatory trip prior to the OBA meeting at Malheur.

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