Posted by: atowhee | August 27, 2017


AN accipiter trying to get away from wind and rain decided a taxi was just the right place. Click here for video.
I predict that when Exxon has to move their headquarters our of Houston because of climate change and constant flooding, they will demand federal aid because THEN climate change will be real enough.
There are now reports that 20 refineries are closed, not to mention the offshore rigs that we hope they closed down before evacuating, it is clear this hurricane is a signal to raise gasoline prices. And all the damage is going to be a tax deduction for the oil companies so the storm is a win-win. Isn’t the market marvelous how it takes good care of the owners?


  1. I loved the end: Oh heall.

    Over 750 rigs and 30% of refining capacity – though I think that is way low.

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