Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2017


Here is email I got from my friend, Marieannette McCabe, who refers to herself in this missive as “MAM.”
Did you know that Bumblebees do not necessarily go back to a nest at night? MAM did not. Here is a Bumblebee MAM found sleeping soundly on a Russian Sage plant. She sees this often. The other night she specifically noted three bees sleeping on the plant at 8 pm. She went back at 7 am and they were still there sleeping!
Sleep right on top of your food. Nice work if you can get it!

Unlike Honey Bees, these bees don’t have a hive that they stick with closely to do the big time honey collection thing…….. But as long as they pollinate, MAM is happy! She used a magnifying glass to check out if they close their eyes when sleeping. Nope, no lids…….. And even though she was within 3″ of them they were not aroused. Probably in torpor.
What a variety of lives Nature has provided for her creatures… bee sleep

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