Posted by: atowhee | August 12, 2017


August 12, 2017
Cooler today and overcast in the morning. At Joe Dancer Park dozens of Barn Swallows swept back and forth across the fields, taking insects just above the turf. Four crows ambled along, outstanding in their field.CROZThose blurs in the foreground were robins.
At home we suddenly had a flock of House Finches, not just a few but a score or more. Most were juveniles, devoid of any crimson feathers.
Meanwhile at least two RB Nuthatches were onto the feeders and one took a quick bath. This is one fast-moving little torpedo.RBN WET1RBN WET2RBN WET3RBN WET4RBN WET5RBN WET6
Today we had our first BH Grosbeak in weeks. And first at our feeders this year. It was a juvenile. In the spring we could hear them singing nearby but they didn’t come into our garden.IMG_3621
In bloom now: QA lace, sweetpeas, bindweed, wild chicory.


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