Posted by: atowhee | August 10, 2017


August 10, 2017 At 215PM exactly the Red-breasted Nuthatch comes down to our large birdbath for a wash. He fluffs his feathers in the water and then leaves, mussy on the surface, headed off to sunny spot to dry.
Bees attend to the lavender with great assiduousness, alacrity and ardor. Lavender is aces to the bees.
A young robin comes down to bath every day now. He makes a big splash and stares at me through the window. The bird was born only weeks ago. How fast is he rotating his head?AR BATH1AR BATH2AR BATH3
Saw the first American Goldfinches in our garden in some weeks, already in post-breeding plumage.
Barn Swallows love the lawn mowing at Joe Dancer Park, stirs the stew and the goodies rise to the top:BARS MOWERBARS MOWER2BARS MOWER3The Common Yelowthroats are still at the wetlands park at Dancer:CY IN PINE
Seed season is at its peak…alder, blackberry ripen:alder seedsbb ripeOne of the park’s majestic oaks, looking eternal, calm and regal.IMG_3352

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